An intelligent approach to owning historic vehicles

Ownership structuring is about the set-up of your smart legal structure to hold and develop your collection for you and for your successor.

An intelligent approach to owning historic vehicles

Choosing the best legal ownership structure for your collection should be based on your broader views and perspectives for your emotional assets and in the context of your overall wealth and lifestyle. Using the same diligence like with your other professionally managed assets will offer you a new piece of mind once your right structure is in place.

Ownership structuring provides you with following opportunities:

  • Hold your collection in a secure and tax efficient way.
  • Align the financing of your collection with your overall financial situation.
  • Prepare your collection to use it as a security.
  • Protect your collection from private disputes and professional liabilities.
  • Review international rulings to better use your cars and acknowledge their history.
  • Provide a succession solution for your collection.

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