Pebble Beach Concours

Today Pebble Beach is home of the most important classic car concourse of elegance in the world. To enter a car in the event is already an achievement, to win a class a dream even for heavy players in the classic cars world. Following this, we can only imagine what do means, for both car and owner, to be declared best in show. The Pebble Beach concourse, held the second week end of august, is not new: it is one of the oldest in the world, and is strictly connected with something else, totally different. Without Pebble Beach, the racing track of Laguna Seca wouldn’t exist. Or the opposite.

The Pebble Beach road races

The GI, the American soldiers, returning from Europe, brought with them a new idea of racing. The new, exiciting game, were the races on the normal roads, with their perfect and wonderful natural twists. One of the preferred was a leafy and narrow road in Pebble Beach, a picturesque venue between the city of Monterey and the village of Carmel, in California. Under the SCCA (Sport Car Club of America) rules, from 1950 race car were invited to take part to a new competition: the road choose was a loop about 2 miles long, not fully paved, and of two lanes. Everything went well, without important accident to report, until 1956 when driver Ernie McAfee deadly crashed his Ferrari while competing in the Del Monte trophy. Following this death, racers had to move. They quickly found a perfect location where to establish a permanent race track: Laguna Seca.

The origin of the Concours

Since 1950, so the very first edition of the races, to entertain the spectators, a Concours of Elegance; was established. Based on the tradition of the pre war European concours, was open to new cars, that were showed and judged for the style and the beauty. That is why, looking at the palmares, until the end of the 60’s is easy to see, as winner, the last creations of important manufacturers. Since 1952 the show was moved in what still is the current location: the 18th green of the Pebble Beach Golf club, close to the Lodge and overlooking the Pacific Ocean. In all these years, only one edition went missing, the 1960 one.

Pebble Beach today

Pebble beach today is not only the Sunday concourse, but is the perfect conclusion of a series of events, lasting the whole week, fully dedicated at the classic cars. Pebble Beach is still the most important one, and few years ago added an important, and more than welcome, news: the Pebble Beach Tour, dedicated to the car registered for the event, that give the opportunity to the owners to drive, for about 60 miles, their beauties on the scenic HWY 1 to Big Sur and back.

The charity

The show itself is a company, with a budget to respect. The important aspect of the whole event is, however, the charity behind. The money produced by Pebble Beach, mainly by sponsors and donations, all goes to help the United Way of Monterey County and the Pebble Beach Company Foundation and a other national organizations.

The Classes

There is not a perfect car for Pebble: it all depends from the classes, that change every year. The important is to have a car, an important one, that fit into them. Since few years the preservation class is growing, and is now the biggest one. It is dedicated to cars, doesn’t matter the models, that have never been restored. It never gave, yet, a Best in Show, but many forecasts that will soon happens.

To learn more about the event, please visit our news archive of Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

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