Full throttle – Monaco GP Historique 2018

Mere days before the start of the Mille Miglia, historic racing enthusiasts gathered at Monaco’s legendary city-center course for the Monaco GP Historique 2018. It’s hard to imagine any class of historic racing car fitting better in these surroundings than Formula 1 cars from 1973 – 1976 and 1977 – 1980. These two classes certainly provided the visual and acoustic highlights on the afternoon of May 13, 2018.

The well-attended race day was also lit up by classic sports cars from the 1950s and a parade of historical Porsches to mark the 70th anniversary of the German sports car manufacturer. Three more races brought pre-war GPs and F1 cars from the ‘60s and ‘70s onto the track.

The drivers of the pre-war cars put in a particularly impressive performance. Using every muscle in their bodies they pushed their Bugattis, ERAs and Maseratis round the racetrack’s tight bends. Photographer Julien Mahiel brought back some impressive images from the track and surrounds:

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