Ardent fans of the iconic ‘80s Hollywood blockbuster “Back to the Future” celebrate October 21, 2015 because this is the day on which the movie’s hero Marty McFly travelled forward in time with the help of his modified DeLorean car. With this date ahead, classic car collectors and aficionados among us know perfectly well that the DeLorean may be a strange vehicle, but it’s certainly not a time machine. Or is it?

It all started in the mid-1970s with a plan to build a highly modern sports car with a centrally positioned Wankel rotary engine and a chassis molded using a new technology.

None of these plans came to fruition, so a relatively weak V6 engine, borrowed from a collaboration between Peugeot, Renault and Volvo, was installed in the back of the car, while the chassis was borrowed from a Lotus Elise. Nevertheless, the car achieved a certain cult status because of its unpainted stainless steel body, designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, and its appearance in the movie.

Major redesigns and the decision to build the car in Northern Ireland using an inexperienced workforce resulted in financial and quality issues. Ironically the company had already gone out of business by the time the movie was released in 1985. In the end 9,000 cars were built between 1981 and 1983, of which only a few survive.

Historics at Brooklands is now offering a 1981 DeLorean with only 24 miles on the clock; the perfect car to celebrate the comeback of Marty McFly? It’s never been registered and is in the same condition as when it first came off the production line. The auction house puts the estimated price at between £34,000 and 39,000. In such pristine condition maybe the DeLorean is a time machine after all – this particular one will definitely take you straight back to the 1980s.

For more information on the DeLorean, please visit the car portrait at Historics at Brooklands.

Pics courtesy of Historics at Brooklands.

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